Things you cannot do right after eating

Check if all your habits are right. Some things can even lead to illness after eating.

Proper nutrition is not only the food itself but also the process. Some seemingly harmless at first glance, habits can lead to pain in the stomach, diseases, and excess weight. We tell you what you should not do immediately after eating.

Image 01 Things you cannot do right after eating

1 Don’t eat fruit

Fruits are needed in the diet every day. However, you can eat them half an hour before meals or an hour and a half after. In combination with food, they cause fermentation, which can lead to bloating and indigestion.

The fruit eats before lunch or dinner is easier to digest. Also, many are rich in fiber, which, firstly, helps your dinner digest faster, and, secondly, makes you more full. You no longer want anything extra.

2 Don’t eat sweet

According to statistics, 75% of those who like to eat dessert immediately after the main meal suffers from excess weight after 35 years. Take your time with the sweet. The food will be digested, and you will understand whether you still want to eat something.

3 Don’t drink tea

Wait 20-30 minutes. Drinking reduces the concentration of gastric juice and disrupts digestion. Also, tea contains tannins that prevent the absorption of iron. With regular tea drinking, you may experience anemia immediately after eating.

4 Don’t train

After eating, the body needs the energy to digest. You probably noticed that, after eating, you feel relaxed and even sleepy. Do not interfere with the digestive process with sports. Moreover, your condition will not allow you to do it properly; training will not be effective. Also, the stomach will probably hurt.

5 Do not sleep

As if not drawn to a dream, be patient for at least half an hour. In a horizontal position, gastric juices enter the esophagus; this contributes to heartburn. Food is digested more slowly; the risk of bloating and heaviness in the stomach is high. There will be no normal sleep in this condition. Sit, and even better take a stroll in the fresh air.

6 Do not drive

All because of the same “sleepy” effect. While the food is being digested, attention span and reaction rate are reduced. It may be unsafe to drive. Wait half an hour or an hour, and you can go about your business.

7 Don’t take a bath

For normal digestion, the stomach needs an influx of blood. If you go to a bath or shower, blood flow will increase in the extremities, but the stomach will not have enough, the digestion process will slow down. Set aside water procedures for at least 30 minutes.

8 Don’t brush your teeth

And here you have to wait half an hour. The brush cleans the enamel layer, the teeth become vulnerable to acids coming from food and can be destroyed under their influence. 30 minutes after eating is enough to produce an amount of saliva that neutralizes the effects of acids.

9 Do not smoke

This is already a bad habit, and after eating, its negative impact worsens significantly. Nicotine interferes with the production of digestive enzymes, as it disrupts oxygen metabolism and causes vasospasm. This is fraught with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract up to colon cancer.

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