6 benefits of Yoga for women’s health

Sometimes, after hearing the word “yoga,” many people imagine people in the lotus position and their extended “Ummm”. Often we associate Yoga with some mental exercises directed inward. Yes, it is, Yoga is a complex of physical, spiritual, and mental practices that came from India philosophy. Yoga not only helps relieve stress and improve stretching but also has several benefits for women.

1. “Elixir of youth”

Ancient Indian yogis believed that the “elixir of youth” is located in the chakra of our brain, but, flowing down the body, the solar chakra “eats” it. So, to get the effect of rejuvenation, you need to get upside down. It was the inverted poses in the philosophy of ancient yogis that were considered rejuvenating. How can this be explained from a physiological point of view? It turns out that just in the upper parts of the spine is the pineal gland, which produces a hormone called melatonin. He is responsible for our psychological and physical condition. Scientists have proven that one of the causes of premature aging is precisely the low content of this hormone. Perhaps the ancient elixir of youth was called melatonin.

Image 01 6 benefits of Yoga for women's health

2. Improving sexual activity

In Yoga, there are many asanas in which the departments of the pelvic floor are involved. Such exercises reduce the risk of prolapse of the uterus and other female diseases. And during the lessons on the rug, female hormones are produced that increase libido.

3. Relieving pain during menstruation

Indeed, certain asanas help to relax and relieve muscle pain during menstruation. But you should not perform them with severe unbearable pain, and it is better to lie down.

4. A beautiful figure

In Yoga, there are dynamic types of asanas that promote fat burning. In general, Yoga is very feminine. During training, all muscles are stretched, after which the gait becomes more graceful, and the figure is beautiful.

5. Removal of depression

The release of hormones during exercise promotes relaxation. In group classes, trainers include pleasant music. Performing exercises, you can go inside yourself, presenting the most relaxing pictures in your head to be carried away somewhere beyond the mind.

6. Benefits for those planning to become pregnant

Some asanas stimulate the adrenal glands and improve hormones; there are even studies that talk about the effect of Yoga on the duration of ovulation.


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