Extremely awesome pygmy Australia

Fulfill this adorable little Pygmy Hippo infant called “Obi.” He is a 3 weeks old infant hippo who has actually simply entered the abilities to swim in shallow water. He can be seen taking pleasure in with his papa Felix and mommy Petre at the zoo of Melbourne. He simply likes swimming in shallow water and for this reason invests hours in a swimming pool custom-made- produced him just. Simply due to the fact that he is too small to take a deep dive, he can just mean 10 to fifteen minutes in the water then take a little break. These types (Pygmy Hippos) are a threatened one and the specific varieties of them are still unknown. So look into Very unique Melbourne zoo photos immediately.

If you’re looking for Really genuine Melbourne zoo, you have actually stay on the amazing blog post. More info: Melbourne Zoo | Facebook (h/t: abcnews) | Via: Boredpanda | Report

Obi is the latest addition to Melbourne Zoo’s hippo family

The cute pygmy hippo was born 3 weeks ago to mom Petre

He’s been practicing swimming in a small pool

His mother was always watching to make sure he stayed afloat

“Obi” means “heart” in a Nigerian language

“He loves the water and spends hours in the small pool, so he is ready for the next step”

Last Thursday, Obi went for his first deep-water dip“He’s only little so about 10 to 15 minutes and he’s a bit tired and he has to take a break”

Pygmy hippos are endangered, although it’s difficult to know their exact numbers

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